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Why Do You Need A Vibration Dampener? - TENNIS EXPRESS BLOG

Tennis Racquet Dampener’s Purpose. The sole purpose of the dampener is to reduce the vibrations off the racquet stringbed. Players that like vibration dampeners mainly use it because it decreases the “ping” sound the ball makes at impact. For many players this is more of a mental purpose than a physical purpose.

Do Tennis Dampeners Work? (All You Need To Know)

This little plastic accessory on some racquets is a tennis dampener, also known as a shock absorber. However, dampeners should not be confused with string savers. Dampeners are built with one purpose in mind—to absorb the vibrations generated when the strings get in contact with the ball. A tennis dampener will also change the sound on ball contact.

Why Do You Need A Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener? - TechBullion

Purpose of Tennis Racquet Dampener. The dampener is attached to the racquet string to reduce vibrations. This reduces how much noise there is when you hit the ball, which can be Psychological in nature rather than physical for some players. It is debatable, as some players prefer the feel of no dampening material.

Do Tennis Racket Vibration Dampeners Work? - Tennis Hold

In the end, though, most players use dampeners just not to get annoyed with the sounds. It seems to be more like a psychological matter, which actually has a powerful impact on performance. All in all, the only purpose of tennis shock absorbers is to reduce string vibrations which cause varied distractions. How Does Vibration Dampener Work?

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A tennis dampener's main function is to reduce the ping sound that occurs when players hit a ball without a dampener. That sound is annoying or off-putting to many players, so people often depend...

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However, the purpose most players have when they use vibration dampeners is because it changes the “ping” sound after the ball makes an impact with the racquet. The rubber dulls or muffles the sound, and for most players, this is for mental/auditory wellbeing than a physical purpose.

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The main purpose of a vibration dampener is to reduce the amount of vibration that you feel when a tennis ball hits your strings. In turn, the vibration dampener reduces or in some cases eliminates the ping sound that you hear when the ball and your racquet make contact.

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I can not even think of playing without a vibration dampener and the people I interact with mostly agree that it does help their game. It provides comfort, lasts a long long time if you buy a quality dampener and saves your elbows and shoulders from unnecessary wear. All of these things prolong the fun that you have on the tennis court.